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Just an Dark elf who plays random video games for fun but hopes one day to stream full time

About Me

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Hi my name is Hunter or loki i go by on twitch you can call me by one of those in chat. I am currently a full time Warehouse Work and part Time streamer What more can i say i do twitch as an Hobbie and im just glad that you came back and hanged out with me.

Throne wishlist

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Hi if you are wondering what Throne Or my Wishlist is You can find it right here its NOT Required but if you wanna look here ya go


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You can chat with me and other cool people On my discord Server


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If your feeling generous and want to support the stream for things like better emotes Better set up and etc. It's NOT Required but i would really Appreciate it

Sound Commands

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!nothing !lurk !gravy !revenge !noticeme !doesnmatter !shit !stop !failed !wendy !28 !snitch !hard !shutup !stop !list !woo !ravioli !wtf !ree !potato !idiot !no !28