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Twitch Affiliate on the long road to partner. Come along and help me shorten it! Variety streamer with a tendency towards sandboxes, ARPG, survival, strategy and OCD. Fan of cats, eldritch horrors, squirrels, cooking and bread baking. Not necessarily in that order. Casual hardcore gamer.

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Working to be a full time streamer/partner, and I could use your help! [**Tips**]( **and** [**subscriptions**]( **are greatly appreciated!** Every month you don't use your [**Twitch Prime**](, Jeff Bezos cackles with glee for not spending your *ridiculously* high [**Amazon Prime** *benefit*]( If you don't use your [**Twitch Prime**](, Jeff Bezos wins. Don't let Jeff Bezos win. Click "Subscribe" above the video on the right and click **Subscribe Free**. You also get free games and content monthly with Twitch Prime, so you get stuff too. Jeff would say it is a "Win Win" situation. All the more reason to spend his money. You may also be able to **get free Bits to cheer** with by watching Ads. Click the diamond next to the emote button in chat and choose get bits, followed by "Watch Ad". If it's greyed out, try again later. Availability varies by country. Thank you for the generosity, but more importantly your viewership.

What might I be streaming?

I am a variety streamer. Just a compulsive one. You never know when a surprise stream or a change in schedule may show up with something. Mainly because I don't know. I also have a bad habit of not stopping streams. *One more turn.* I particularly like compulsive games, like Oxygen Not Included, or Anno, or any type of city builder. Survival sandboxes like Ark, and Conan, etc. Narrative games like DIshonored, Prey or Quantum Break. I also like quirky Indie games, from obscure to well known. Also ARPG games, like Grim Dawn. I love RTS although I really haven't played many on stream. I'll try pretty much everything except BRs, Sports Games, and COD/BF/Whatever. Although even then, Ill never say never. Bottom line, I've been gaming for 40 years and I play lot's of different games for lots of different reasons. #Current recurring games. #[Deep Rock Galactic]( Think of it as a rogue-lite left for dead with progress. With the release of 1.0 this summer, this game is the comfort food you crave, and there is still more content to come. The soundtrack is also amazing. Can not recommend this game enough. Tend to play weekly, or as a fallback when another game goes horribly wrong. #[Barotrauma]( A multiplayer drowning simulator where you try to stay alive in your submarine, ***in space.*** If I had a game of the year for 2019, it would be Barotrauma. With the latest updates it has matured greatly and is really starting to shine. Technical problems still can be infuriating,but they are becoming less common. Between my Steam [**Profile**]( and my [**Wishlist**](, this is a pretty good idea of what I play. Note that the wishlist is also a place I put games to keep tabs on, which is why there are VR games and free games on it. The VR games I usually buy on my wife's account.

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[**Connect your Amazon Prime** account to Twitch.]( Then consider using your free sub to support the stream. Don't have [**Amazon Prime**]( Consider trying it for as low as $6 month. THEN consider supporting the stream with your free twitch prime sub.
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If you have need for custom artwork, I use [**HunnyBundtz**]( for our artwork & emotes.