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969 AD. ENG/JPN VTuber 🩸☠️ I’m an undying lord that makes music and goofs off. See ya in the castle ❀️ γ‚ˆγ‚γ—γγŠι‘˜γ„γ—γΎγ™

About Me

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I am a 1000 year old undying lord. I was sent to protect you, and to bring light into the realm. I make custom BGM, sound assets, do sound mixing, and occasionally play games!


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Follow me here for free BGM downloads, and to be notified when I drop new free BGM.

BGM Website

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Check out my BGM website to listen to and download all of my free BGM, as well see my portfolio of commissioned BGM for some awesome VTubers Site by [Zikes](


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Come join the Castle in The Sky discord! I share this discord with my best friend and brother KazumaVT! We go on many adventures, share food, talk about fitness, Japanese study and art with many cool and talented people! I'll see you in the castle!


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-Chat is 18+ -Don't say anything about topics that go against Twitch TOS. -No spam messages, copypastas or command abuse. -No Self Promo of any kind. -Ask before posting links. -No back seat producing. Everyone has their own creative flow, please respect mine. (Suggesting plugins or sounds is ok) -No hate speech, disrespect to mods or other people in chat. -Please refrain from talking about any sensitive subjects that could trigger someone. My DM are always open however, if you need someone to talk to about things. -Do not ask for me to listen to your music on stream, you can feel free to send me a DM on twitter or Discord and I would love to listen. Just remember, honor lives forever. Carry thyself like true royalty.

Artist Credits

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Mama: [Sara]( Papa: [Hibachi]( Background: [ScribbleRox]( Bouldavere/BG: [Zake]( Loading/ending: [Bomi]( Pixel Art Aethel: [Koragi]( Logo: [Eury]( いろいろ: [Nico]( いろいろ: [Mae]( BGM: Me and [Seyno](