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My goal as a streamer is to create an environment where people feel like they are hanging out with a friend while they are playing a video game. Where you can feel like you can talk about your day to just sit back and chill while you do your own thing. So will you come on this adventure with me?

About Me

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Hi there and welcome to my channel!! I'm a variety streamer hoping to bring some joy to people one epic win/fail at a time. With the help of my lovely wife (citykitty7) and her wonderful commentary, our wonderful community in chat, and appearances from our dog Max I'm sure you'll be entertained. So hangout, tell us about your day, drop a follow, and join me on this wild journey of mine. Also if you are on your path to affiliate just let me know and I'll drop you a follow! You don't even have to follow me back!


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Break coming up soon. So enjoy the chaos before I have to step away for a bit.


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