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Using the most awesome powers of Tourettes and British-ness, Tourettestula and some dudes reek havoc and hilarity across the universe


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Kevin Macleod: Who Likes to party by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under the Creative Commons 3.0: By Attribution license. Nicolas Jeudy and DARK FANTASY STUDIO Royalty Free Albums: Archives vol1 The dark side Archives vol2 The love Archives vol3 The joke Black sails Chaos logic chaos the butterfly effect Cult Dark Skies and Other Disasters Dreamagination Forever and a day Haunted Imagine Immortals Jotun Mindhunter The monster that lies within Once upon a nightmare Shadows Guild Slasher Superheroes Witchcraft


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Close Friend's Father's Funeral gofundme

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'Hello from myself, Rachel, Tasha, Matthew and Adam. Our dad died suddenly in Turkey. If you could help in any way it would be deeply appreciated. This is the only option we have to be able to come together and say our goodbyes to our father and give him the send off he deserves. Our dad was an amazing man who lit up a lot of people's lives born in 1969 and loved Norwich City and enjoyed playing games with friends online.'


Mad Britishman having a laugh and enjoying a bunch games with friends and the twitch community. I suffer from tourettes (hence the name) however it's died down a lot over the years but please feel free to talk about it in chat and maybe I can assist with bits that helped me muddle through

General Chat Rules:

No racism No Homophobia No Transphobia No Xenophobia No Sexism No Incest No Bestiality NO ADVERTISING!!!


All streams start around 12pm GMT Monday: Stream Tuesday: Day Off Wednesday: Stream Thursday: Stream Friday: Stream Saturday: Stream Sunday: Day off


for any notices: stream going up, why it's late and if general chilling