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Hey, I'm loschain. Panels are going to be redone. Schedule is non existant as my mental health will not allow such a thing. best thing to do is follow and ring the noti-bell.


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YOU ARE INFECTED WITH DERP AND I AM THE CAUSE MUHUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! custom cheer alerts: 350-Chefs Dad 666-Vincent Price Laugh at the end of Thriller 1000-Ric Flair 5000-Are your sure about that? 6969-Careless Whisper 10000-STONE COLD STONE COLD STONE COLD!


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Zanarkansky is AMAZING! The Shrieker is the best emote on twitch and you cannot deny it. Heatseaking precambrian lifeform. from the Tremors franchise.

Derp Legion Values

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This stream is a place to come and relax and unwind after a hard day or more serious issues. It is okay to open yourself up and talk about it. We are about fun and siliness and all teh DERP. Prejudice of color, sexual orientation, identification, religion or political preference is not tolerated.


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I'm also affiliated with Stream Labs. by installing Stream Labs OBS helps me out a lot to, just click teh panel.
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Gonna buy a game soon on steam? Use this link and support the Derp Lord

Challenges Completed

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DS3: SL1 SL1 dagger only Deathless any% countless meme runs DS1: SL1 Deathless any% Iron Golem Slow Walk (gyndolin exception) 100% bosses enemy rando any% (kalameet manus and Gaping Dragon unkilled) Bloodborne Platinum Trophy BL4 any% - cloud save corrupted :( Current Challenges: Getting a PC
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I am unable to accept paypal. if you do wish to tip me, which you do not have to do, my cashapp is $Loschain. if you live outside of where cashapp is accepted and do wish to contribute monetarily, bits and subs are the next best way. however let me reiterate, you do not have to spend any money to watch my channel or any other platform i am on.