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✨hi, i'm losingcolour! #1 queer nurse one trick & meme queen ✨ Business e-mail: ✨ he/they #intothefog

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# Welcome to the gay agenda ♥ Hello! I'm Elsie (LosingColour = LC = Elsie. get it? ;D) & I have an insane husky named Odin. I'm a Nurse 1 trick. Literally I ONLY know how to play Nurse. When I was first learning killer I hated running around in circles so I said screw it, I'll just teleport! I have no idea how to play any other killer except a smidge of Hag. Sally is my first and only love and I wouldn't have it any other way ♥ + Artist: [♥ Butchy ♥](
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# Rules 1. No homophobia / transphobia / misogyny / etc. 2. No racism / bigotry. 3. Don't be an asshole. 4. Just be your lovely self ♥