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Dude that likes to play on PS4 and Xbox and stream tons of content on twitch. Please support me by following my channel, I would appreciate it so much if you do! :) YouTube Channel: - My PSN ID is mysticaly74 - Twitter:

About Me

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I'm a Norwegian man, but I'm sometimes just a little child at heart. I love to have fun, be it outside playing in the cold snow or inside turning the house upside down. I'm usually a calm person, but sometimes also get highly frustrated, but I calm down pretty quick again. I started gaming back in the early days (1983) with doom, quake and other dos games.

The Stream

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I stream multiple hours a day, about every day from around 8PM CEST (Europe standard time). Games you can expect to see: + Killing Floor 2 + Battlefield 1 + Titanfall 2 + Warframe + Destiny + Call of Duty: Black Ops III I play other games as well, but the above is the ones prioritized in the stream. I primarily am a "Titanfall 2" streamer, meaning TF2 is highly prioritized in this stream. What can you do to help? + Help me communicate with people joining the stream, take care of them in the chat, and answer any question that isn't directed at me. + If you like my stream, please let me know it, and if there's something you don't like, let me know that as well. + Spread the word, share the link to my channel on i.e twitter, facebook and other social media. All or any of the above will really help me out building my channel, so if you help out in any little way it will be really appreciated.

Follow me on twitter

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Twitter is the place where I announce my streams It is also a great way to communicate with me, click on the link to go to my [Twitter Account: Loosing My Cool](

Check out my YouTube

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Click on the image to go to my YouTube account. I do reviews of games, post gameplay, guides and much more on my YouTube account.

Channel Rules

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Nobody really likes rules so there's not too many here, but there are some, and here they are. + Be nice + Don't advertise, at least ask first + No racist slur (You will be reported!) + Don't bully + No spamming + Don't go into flamewars + Respect me, the mods and others on the channel


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In addition to twitter you can reach me in the following sites and pages. + [Facebook Account]( You can add me as a friend if you want + [Homepage]( I'm currently in the process of building a new layout and adding some new features, but the page is up and fully functional. + PSN ID: mysticaly74 + Xbox ID: Mysticaly + Steam: Mysticaly