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Streaming Warframe with 25 viewers

Female - 23 years old. Asexual.Variety Streamer // Part-Time Streamer // Business Email:

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This is a place where you can suggest to me gifts that i should put up as well as you can give me things that will help improve streams.


i am a variety streamer so the games i play varies a lot!! games you may see!!! -call of duty: cold war -Forza Horizon 5 - War Thunder - Need for speed - metal gear solid

Limited time merch!!!

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Limited time merch drop!! go! key chain only limit to 20! rest will be out of the store by 9/17 being the last day to order more!


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You never haave to tip but its helpful and does make a difference in what i can stream, and maybe sometimes helps feed the wolf so its very helpful!


pc: -Graphics Card: Radeon RX 5700 XT -CPU: Ryzen 7 5800X -Ram: 32gig corsair vengence -motherboard: msi 470 gaming plus mo -case: be quiet 500DX (white)

streamelements merch store!


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Raikyo, is a great bean and responsiable for most all the emotes and most all of the art work of me and for this channel they are amazing and always produce wonderful work!!!