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Sleepy dog artist. Also does the podcast thing.

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What's up??

The name's Ethan. I'm a sleepy artist with a love for angsty teen animals. You can catch me streaming my illustration work here, alongside the occasional odd gaming sesh. I like it when things are lax, so this streams best enjoyed with some comfy snacks and a chill attitude. Bring some terrible jokes while you're at it. I guess I should also mention I run an interview podcast. I host that on here sometimes too. You should check it out! [twitter]( | [podcast]( | [patreon]( | [merch]( **Tools and Stuff:** --- Clip Studio Paint Photoshop CS6 Cintiq 22HD Touch AT2020 Audio Technica Cardioid Mic U-PHORIA 202HD Interface Streamlabs OBS, Voicemeeter Banana, SNIP Despite being a dog, I don't bite. *Most times.*
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**Additional Links:** --- [playlist]( These guys show up on stream to wreck shit sometimes. They're pretty cool. [rowan]( | [sam]( | [blue]( | [jacato](