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Aussie Gamer.Bartender.Bodybuilder.Prefer my consols.Got any suggestions lemme know :D

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Welcome! Please browse, enjoy and let me know what your want to see. I'll try and add more pieces as I get ideas.

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Hey guys. Welcome to the Chat, Channel, Stream and General Fucking Chaos. I'm Aussie, 28, Cosplayer, Body Builder and Bartender. Console is my main Stream sorce- Dont have many on the PC and im fucking TERRIBLE at it anyway-- it'll be good for a LOL-- If you want to join the fun dont hesitate to ask or follow in to see if im streaming something you fancy

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I'll try and stream at least once a day- how long for will vary due to work and training. My shifts are irregular being a Bartender and a Casual at that, so i cannot give you scheduled hours officially, I appreciate your patience and understanding. Loggin Out.

Alliance Funding

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Tips is now set up and online. I also have a rewards system in place through StreamLabs, Every 10mins you are in my stream, you'll gain a credit. you can redeem them for Shoutouts, Ask Me Anything, Truth or Dare and Auto-Add on Instagram. Every $1 donated will automatically boost you 100 CREDITS. Any spare change you guys are will to give would mean a lot to me and will help fund gear to upgrade my stream quality and content. Thank you for your time. Loggin Out.

Additional Contacts

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Feel free to join my FB page and hit me up over an inbox. It is both a Cosplay, Fitness and Gaming page so I'm always down for a chat- obviously unless I'm in the middle of a stream or at work. I'll be posting on it and here on Twitch to let you guys know when I'll be starting a stream soon to hopefully give you a chance to join the chaos. Any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Loggin Out.