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I am an Avid gamer who enjoys a variety of games. Come stop by and chat it up, I'm up for any suggestion on improving my channel and especially game suggestions.

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1) Please respect mods and Streamer, and all viewers in the room. 2) Refrain from racial comments or comments that will offend viewers in the stream. 3) Please do not ask to become a Moderator, if I'm looking to appoint someone as a Moderator i will contact you. 4) Do not advertise other streamers in my channel. 5) I will give new Streamers shout-outs but please pm me to do so. 6) Most importantly No fighting, i will give you a warning if it occurs,further warning will get you a time-out or a possible Ban. 7) Were here to have lets have fun.

A Shoutout to all my Favorite Streamers


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Donations will go towards games and content, giveaways, Tyvm in advance.


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Hey Join me on twitter,share your thoughts,or let me know suggestions for future streams.


Currently Streaming -Farming Simulator 2017 w/Mods -American Truck Sim/mp with Mods -Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls

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