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Our names are Jared and Bea, and together we’re LUVU—because we do! ☝🏽✌🏼🫶🏽🫵🏼

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## Come along for the ride, as we reimagine what music sounds, looks and feels like... Everything you hear and see is being improvised, performed and looped **LIVE!** From instrumentation and singing to wildly saturated visuals and lyrics inspired by you, we are breathing new life into dance music together! Because we LUVU ♡ **[Discord]( [TikTok]( [Instagram]( [Twitter]( [Facebook](** *For nearly a decade, LUVU has had the opportunity to perform across the US and abroad, providing the soundtrack for SpaceX, Carvana, The Peninsula Hotels and the municipality of Gustavia, St. Barts.* **For all business inquiries, send us an [email](!**
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Showing support comes in all shapes and sizes. Simply spending your time with us is more than enough! If you would like to go above and beyond, you can support us directly by sending a tip or donation: **[Paypal or Credit Card](** **[Cryptocurrency](** If you would like to show your support in other ways, please consider hosting or sharing this stream on discord or social media!