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Lycanizer streams Monopoly Plus, Call of Duty: Warzone and Dying Light 2: Stay Human.

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Welcome to the Wolf Brigade Streaming experience. I'm going to keep it legit I am here to have fun above all so bring on the good times. I enjoy positive people with awesome vibes who understand that life isn't about tearing down but uplifting others. So just come tune in and hunt with the pack. I'm a cool down to earth person that doesn't get involved with the drama and only wants to soak in the rays of unity. -Christian (non denomination) -Rachet -African American -Engaged -Family Oriented -Nerdcore -Anime Lover -Marvel Over DC(Convince Me Otherwise) -Me & Horror Anything Have A Bad Relationship -Bachelor's Degrees (Psychology & Human Services)


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Check out the merch store where you can find my original logo plastered all over some new stuff. Anything purchased will go towards getting a more professional designed done on new merch.


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You never have to but if you ever feel like support the vision financial here is where you can do so. The funds we be used towards -Upgrading Equipment -Setting Up Giveaways -Expanding The Business

Subscriber Priviledges

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No matter if you just follow the channel and watch you are and A1 member in my heart real talk. I appreciate all the support and love from those that don't have and those that do equally. But some will say why then should I subscribe to Lycanizer and join the Wolf Brigade; well here are some reasons. -Pack Members Are The Only Ones That Are Entered Into The Majority Of The Giveaways I Do -Pack Members Receive Cool Catch Phrase Emotes and Badges that will continue to be updated as funding increases -Pack Member Receive Special Invites To Sub Only Events That Will Casually Take Place -Pack Members Earn More Points That Can Be Used In Suggesting My Future Gaming, Guiding The Raid, & Joining My Personal Hunt

Chat Commands

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These are some common commands you can use while in the chat. Viewers - !merch - !discord - !game - !title - !points - !lurk - !rules - !tiktok - !howl - !daze - !fund - !followage - !watchtime - !tip - !roulette Subscriber - !giveaway - !enter - !song - !next - !songrequest or (!sr) -!songqueue Moderator - !stream - !so - !hunt - !uptime - !addpoints - !command


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Want to directly support the vision without the hassle of going through bits and donations then just click on my throne wishlist. Here you can purchase things I need to upgrade the stream and they will be sent directly to me and you don't have to worry about your personal information being sent out. Thank You for the Major support and remember to share the vision.


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The retweet and shares are in effect all day here. You can get post when I go live here as well as all other type of random mess. My twitter somehow has a mind of it own.


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This is the etiquette that is expected of everyone who is apart of the stream from top to bottom. Anyone who breaks any rules will receive 1 timeout as a warning and then after that will be banned for further infractions. 1. No discrimination of any sort which includes but not limited to Religion, Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Politic Views, and/or Size. 2. Playful Banter is fine but no excessive negative speech which includes any hate speech, harassment, and/or demeaning verbiage. 3. No self promotion of any sort in this channel. No I don't want to buy followers and/or views. If you would like a shoutout if you have enough channel points there is a button for it. Please remember to be cool and treat others with respect and dignity. Don't lose sight of the pack's mission.


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You enjoy my live streams well I know you will enjoy my video edits. Some things you can find on my youtube channels. -Call Of Duty Edits -Past Live Streams -Short Music Video's -Past Clips of Various Games


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You want to see some cool videos not related to gaming involving me than look here. Mostly I use this as an inspirational platform to spread positivity but I will also occasionally make a funny clip here and there.


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If your looking for a community of people that are genuine and down to earth look no further. We are a group of content creators here in one place to help each other and create a place of true togetherness. "We All We Got"


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Common Post Include But Not Limited To -Bible Verses -Dankiest of Memes -Food I Made Or Bought -Superhero/Anime Art


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Here is where you can catch a multitude of the daily quotes and messages that come across my mind. Also I use this page to support cool content creators who are not on twitch as well as business that I personally recommend.