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Physicist, Dark Souls speedrunner and witch fan.

About me

Physicist and Dark Souls speedrunner. The witch in the art/emotes is Aurea. My 2nd favourite number is 2. No follower alert/bot callouts (MAYBE if your name is funny), you can lurk in peace. [Personal Bests]( [Donate]( if you'd like. Thank you!

Chat rules

Kappa and variants are banned no anime no weebs no gamers no engineers (except electrical engineers) no 12 English and portuguese are equally fine in chat. Inglês e português são igualmente aceitos no chat.

Ask me about physics!

Since I'm studying to be a physics educator, I'll have to do that for a living, so feel free to help me practice by asking stuff about physics anytime! Surely I won't be able to answer everything out there, but I'll do my best with the subjects I can.


Is this Remastered? - No. Why not? - Remaster stinks. Are you using DSfix? - No. Brazilian? - Sim. Do you play other games? - No. DS2? - ???? DS3? - ???? Bloodborne? - ???? Sekiro? - lmao

Art Credits

[snowie]( <3 [Old avatar, maarioH, maarioDab and sub badges] [Ellen]( from [Calibre Lordal]( <3 [Emotes] [lulu]( <3 [Current avatar] [Jupiter]( <3 [Old emotes] [IvoryLotus]( <3 [maarioUMU] [OakProud]( <3 [Offline Screen] [comfynine]( <3 [Aurea sketch] [Kitty]( <3 [Aurea & cat commission] [Tematown]( <3 [Aurea w/ staff sketch] [igoroliveiras]( <3 [AureaPls] [Rangut]( <3 maariOOOO [Maorell]( <3 Marisa drawing

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Doe para apoiar a stream usando PIX, é só clicar na imagem. Doações são extremamente apreciadas. Você também pode se inscrever pelo PIX, podendo escolher qualquer valor mensal para ajudar a stream.
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[SpeedSouls discord]( if you plan on speedrunning souls games