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About me

>Masters student of theoretical physics and Dark Souls Speedrunner. >The witch in the art/emotes is called Aurea. >The character I use as avatar is Marisa Kirisame from Touhou. >My 2nd favourite number is 2. >No follower alerts/bot callouts (MAYBE if your name is funny), you can lurk in peace. >Download [FFZ]( and [FFZ Add-On Pack]( and enable BTTV and 7TV to see more emotes. >[Personal Bests]( >[Donate]( if you'd like. Thank you! >**The amount of streams is greatly reduced now due to my studies**

Chat rules

* Kappa and variants are banned * no controversial topics, e.g. politics, Dark Souls 2, etc. * no anime * no weebs * no gamers * no engineers (except electrical engineers) * no 12 >English and portuguese are equally fine in chat. >Inglês e português são igualmente aceitos no chat.

Ask me about physics!

Since I'm studying to be a physics educator, I'll have to do that for a living, so feel free to help me practice by asking stuff about physics anytime! Surely I won't be able to answer everything out there, but I'll do my best with the subjects I can.


>**Is this Remastered?** - No. >**Why not?** - Remaster stinks. >**Are you using DSfix?** - No. >**Are you Brazilian?** - Sim. >**Por que você fala inglês na live?** - O motivo de eu começar a fazer lives era pra arquivar minhas speedruns, e a comunidade de speedruns, assim como a grande maioria das pessoas que me assistem, falam primariamente inglês. >**Do you play other games?** - No. >**DS2?** - ???? >**DS3?** - ???? >**Bloodborne?** - ???? >**Sekiro?** - lmao >**Elden Ring?** - ????

Art Credits

[snowie]( ♥ [Old avatar, emotes and sub badges] [Ellen]( from [Calibre Lordal]( ♥ [Emotes and current avatar] [lulu]( ♥ [Old avatar] [Jupiter]( ♥ [Old emotes] [IvoryLotus]( ♥ [maarioUMU] [OakProud]( ♥ [Offline Screen] [comfynine]( ♥ [Aurea sketch] [Kitty]( ♥ [Aurea & cat commission] [Tematown]( ♥ [Aurea w/ staff sketch] [igoroliveiras]( ♥ [AureaPls] [Rangut]( ♥ maariOOOO [Maorell]( ♥ Marisa drawing

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