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Last live yesterday

(My streams are for 18+) 😁Hello you lovely people! I just got back to streaming more regularly. I'm so happy to be back chatting with like minded people who share the same interests as I do GAMING... Stop in and say hi, and chat with me I love to talk so you've come to the right place lol.


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Please help me get to Twitchcon 2019 any and all donations are appreciated.


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I'm working on getting a stream schedule together. Please bare with me.


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{FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY} Hello and welcome to my channel! I'm Just a girl that was born and raised in hot and sunny Arizona. I'm a mother of 2, I Love playing video games! Iv'e been a gamer since i was about 4 years old. I love a variety of different games, but I'm currently only streaming call of duty black ops 4, WWZ and borderlands. I'm a funny and down to earth person who loves to make people laugh! Please come check out my content, If you enjoy it please hit that follow button (The Heart).

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@KILLHawKK @Omni_Sensei @SimplyRed @mopster64 @diesel709


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You're welcome to check out my IG.


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