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Mage_Gage Streams Clone Hero, Spyro 2, Kaizo Mario, and various other games!

About Me

My name is Gage, I'm from Kentucky. No, I do not have sexual relations with my cousin(s). - I work in IT, I love technology and repair. Feel free to ask for tech advice if you need some help. - Big fan of music in general, mostly metal and rap, but I will listen to just about anything. - I know a little bit of weeb speak. - I stream for fun, so my schedule is really erratic. Feel free to drop a follow for when I go live! Games that I stream: Clone Hero Super Mario World (Kaizo) Spyro 2 And other random games that I feel like playing.


- Guitar Hero boomer, I don't know how to alt tap or spam properly, not really that interested in learning either. Although you may see me try it on BS sections that require it. I have a garbage philosophy about GH, if I get to the point where I can only find tapping songs fun, I'll start to hate the game. I'm fine with being shit at the game as long as I enjoy it. - I delete my Clone Hero VOD's mostly to avoid DMCA down the road, I will leave highlights available if they weren't muted in the VOD. - I have really small hands (GBO chords cause me physical pain). Quick stretches and chords are my #1 enemy. If you see me miss on easy chord sections, we'll act like it didn't happen 👨‍🦯. - If you've come for song FC's, you're also out of luck. I'm known as "The King of Chokes", and I always miss 1 or more note(s) every time. If a FC happens, I'm not worried about it, but you better SPAM FUCKING POGCHAMP AND HYPE. I'm not a fan of song grinds, I don't grind for FC's. I mostly do sight-reads, but if it happens, it happens. #Well, What Are Your Best FC's? [Google Doc of my FC's I Like](
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Click on the picture above, or click the "song list" link below for my song list Song List in Alphabetical Order: [Song List]( Check out my charts! [Here](
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#Spyro 2 - Any% PB: [18:09]( - 14 Talisman PB: [39:24]( #StarCraft 2 - Achieved High Masters/Low Grand Masters level as a Zerg player. #Kaizo Mario Hacks Completed Baby Kaizo (Yes BabyRage%) Quickie World 1 - My any% PB is: [12:58]( Quickie World 2 Akogare Mario World Super Ryu World 1 Shells Retriever Grand Poo World Kaizo No Yume Invictus Super Hark Bros Super Riff World Super Moo World - Any% PB is: [6:54]( Bunbun World Super Hark Bros 2 Akogare 2
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Donations are greatly appreciated, notes and name will be read out loud on stream. You can click the picture above, or [HERE](

My Setup

CPU: Intel i9-10850K Cooler: Noctua NH-D15 RAM: 32GB Ripjaws V DDR4 3200MHz GPU: EVGA GTX 1070 SC 8GB Webcam: NexiGo N980P 1080p 60fps Headset: Sennheiser Game Zero Closed Back w/ Astro A40 Mixamp Mixamp: SoundBlaster GC7 (EQ settings [Here]( if interested) **Mic:** - Clone Hero: Sennheiser Game Zero Mic (if the quality is bad, then I'm using this mic) - Other Games: AT2020 w/ Behringer Q502usb Mixer (Shoutout to LaserBelch because I copied his old mic and mixamp setup) Monitor 1: LG 27GN800-B 27" 1440p IPS 144Hz Monitor 2: Planar 1080p 27" 60Hz Console: MiSTer FPGA ([Google it]( Capture Card: Elgato HD60 Pro PCI-E Card Controller: PS4 DualShock 4
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Check out my []( profile! I will hopefully run more games as time goes on.