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Co-Administrator of LostGrace.Net the unofficial fansite for FromSoftware games.

Why Would You Do This?

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You can click here if you want to give me money. I think that's a bad idea, but I also like money.

Waifu Wars

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With the channel reward 'Purchase a Waifu Card' (Cost 12k) you can collect various Waifu cards. These cards are tradable to other viewers and can be used as fighters in a game. Duplicate cards are not possible, so if you've obtained a specific card, only you can use it for various features. Limit of 5 cards per user. Update 11/9:Viewing your Waifu collection has been implemented via a 600 point Channel Redemption 'View Your Waifu Room'. Update 11/10:Trading Waifus has been implemented via a 900 point Channel Redemption 'Confirm a Waifu Trade'. Waifu Trades need to be negotiated and confirmed in the Waifu Trade room in the discord. (!discord) A trade cannot allow either person to go over the max of 5 Waifus. Trades must be confirmed by Majin Update 11/11: Visuals have been added to user commands (!'TwitchName') via imgur links. Shows Waifu, Rarity and Name/VA. These commands can also be used in the Waifu Wars section of the Discord to see them at anytime. (!Discord) Update 11/12: Evented PvP has been added. As well as a VP shop (Victory Points) on the Waifu Wars section of the discord. Certain streams will have a PvP event scheduled in the title. Before the event starts, use the 100 Channel Point Redemption 'Enter 8 Women Tournament (Requires 1 Waifu)' to participate. The first 8 viewers to do so will be entered into the bracket. The winner will receive 3VP. Second place receives 2VP. Third place received 1VP. Update 11/13: The Discord channel Waifu Battle Logs has been created under the Waifu Wars category. This channel will archive various PvP battles. Update 11/14: Waifu Card Exchange. Via the 6,000 point Channel Redemption 'Waifu Card Exchange" you can return a Waifu Card you no longer want, for a new one. Update 11/14: Pre-Owned Waifu Card Use command '!pre' to check what pre-owned Cards are available. Once you've decided, enter the name of the card you want when confirming the 6k Channel Point redemption 'Pre-Owned Waifu'. Update 11/15: Raid Battles added via a 300 channel point redemption. The first 5 viewers to redeem the redemption will be entered into a 5v1 Raid after selecting 1 Waifu. All entrants gain 1VP and 1 random entrant will receive an item drop if the raid boss is defeated.

Sub Button for Mobile Users

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Some mobile devices don't get a sub button by default, so here ya go.