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Everyday grandma. making videos for grandkids and just for fun. By no means a avid YouTuber or Twitch streamer. I'm just me! But sincerely hope you guys enjoy watching me play. Games are random at times lol. Depends on what mood hits me!

The Golden Star

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Abook written by Mammabearj herself. If you are into Paranormam fiction you may love this book.

Wanna leave a tip?

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LOL what do they say don't forget to tip you bartender and waitress? Well if the mood hits you and you like the stream... a tip would be much appreciated

mammabearjs cub cave

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a place to find T-shirts, mugs, and things to help support the channel. Hope you see something you like! Enjoy browsing.

my discord

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join my discord and see what might be in the line up ahead