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Hi there, my name is Joe and I like to paint minis play games. I'm based in New Zealand & I stream all sorts of space and sci-fi games, model making/painting and the occasional random game. Feel free to hang out and chat as I miss shots and crash into things.


Hi there, welcome to my channel. My name is Joe and I enjoy painting miniatures and sinking pixel boats. These streams will mostly be quite relaxed, so stay a while and hang out. # Bot Commands !mini - posts the mini featured today for Time to Paint !uptime - displays how long I have been live !discord - posts discord link in my chat

Proud member of Mates and Legends!

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Want to come hang out in voice chat? Click the discord image for an invite, or type !discord in the chat.


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If you want to donate, click on the dumb Battletech meme above. Thanks loads, I really appreciate it. This whole livestreaming thing has moved along so fast and I am still setting things up (like the donate link graphic, for example) I am blown away by the support and this community, and I hope to continue providing content you enjoy. Over time, it may even look professional. Sincerely, thank you.