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Unity Marine, Ex Florida Man, Witch-Queen of Gator Town, and Certified Pog Pawg

Lag Spike

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I am a part of a gaming org called Lag Spike, click the image above to see what we are all about!

Need some Caffeine for your blood stream?

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Click the image to get linked to the energy drink that sponsors me, dubby and get some juice! Not only will this give you 10% off, but it sends a nice cut to ya girl!

Smunchy Games!?

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I work for a wonderful company called Smunchy Games, we make tons of awesome Tabletop, Tabletop RPGs, War Games, Board Games, and Card games. The Image above links to our discord where you can: talk to other fans of the games, learn all sorts of things about said games, and get involved with our community!

Join Our Discord!

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