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subscribe for **FREE** with amazon prime or for $4.99! thank you thank you so so much for your support!!!!! these subs help support the stream!! sub perks: ♡ super secret exclusive discord channel ♡ ad-free viewing ♡ some cute emotes ♡ a rlly cute sub badge next to ur name n my luv n appreciation ♡ oh and exclusive sub only story!

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1. How old are you? **not 12? fr tho im 19yrs old so pls stop asking** 2. When is the next stream? **I don't have a lot of time with college rn so whenever I can. schedule soon tho...** 3. Is it maris, mari, or mari snot? **just mar :)** 4. Do you actually sound like that? **yup i do get over it** 5. What's that room your always in? **I don't currently live at home since my school is here where i currently live** 6. What do you want to be when you're older? **a hype house member**