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marshmallowowl streams Drawful 2, Pokémon Yellow and Monster Hunter Generations.


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Hi, I'm Sam I'm 23 years old and I live in Texas with my boyfriend (mod SarcasticSoul in chat). I stream a variety of games, and try not to tie myself down to being a one-game streamer. I try to be very relaxed and chill, and the goal of my stream is to just be a nice place to hang out and talk, not a super competitive/salty/aggressive environment.

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* No racist/sexist jokes, ever. I don't wanna hear "It's just a joke/I wasn't being serious". That kind of humor can be said elsewhere, please keep it out of my chat, I want everyone to be comfortable/not feel alienated. * Be Polite! This is a chill environment, so being rude to other viewers will not be tolerated, and will result in a warning, second offenses will result in a 10-minute time out. Repeated offenders/just plain rude people will be banned at the mod's and my own discretion. * Please only backseat game if I ask for help! I sometimes ask myself questions like "Where was I going/what was I doing", but if I need help I'll make sure to ask chat specifically

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If you want to give me money, here you go! (You can just click the picture) You're under no obligation, but it helps me stream and supports Sarc and I!