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matrixugly streams The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Super Metroid and Star Fox.

About Me

- Software Engineer in my late 20's - From Colorado, USA - Like playing music and learning audio engineering - Enjoy the Super Metroid community - Follower of Jesus A typical stream might see me playing Super Metroid or working on a hack. Occasionally, I might do something music related. Chat rules -------------- I don't really mind mild swearing in chat, but keep it civil and especially avoid derogatory words that refer to religion, disability, or personal identity (i.e. don't use Jesus as a cuss word, use the "r" word, or other racist/sexist/homophobic kind of stuff. Let's just not go there, thanks!)


Donations are absolutely not necessary. I really just stream because it's fun! That being said, if you feel compelled to donate, you can do so by [clicking here]( 100% of the donations go into me buying fun things like gear and stuff.