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(MAW-ntra) ⚓ NAVY Veteran. 🐾 Arizona Wildcat. Claw streamer of 5+ years. Just trying to make a name for myself through FPS games. Follow the stream and socials to get notifications! - @Mawntra

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My name is Rob. I'm a NAVY vet doin' gamer things. I mainly play FPS games but am not opposed to branching out. I try to bring exciting/competitive game play with a lot of laughs. We are all about good vibes here. I'm glad you found us and hope you enjoy your stay. ***Rules***: >+ Be friendly, no one likes a bully. Showing hostility towards other viewers will lead to an immediate ban. >+ Please don't spam chat unless given permission. >+ No advertising others or yourself unless given permission. >+ Don't ask to be Mod. >+ Lastly, enjoy your stay, have fun and drop a follow!
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>**Cyberpower** CPU: Intel Core i7-10700KF @ 3.80Hz Graphics Card: GeForce RTX 3070 RAM: 16.0 GB @ 1600MHz Motherboard: ASUSTeK Prime Z490-P >**Monitors** - Gaming Monitor: 24 in. ASUS VG248 @ 144 Hz 24 in. BenQ RL2455 @ 60 Hz 24 in. BenQ GL2460 @ 60 Hz >**Headset** - Astro A40 TR >**Chair** - Desino Racing Chair >**Mic** - Blue Yeti / Astro A40 TR >**Webcam** - Razer Kiyo Pro > **Keyboard** - Corsair K55 >**Stream Software** - StreamlabsOBS >**Used Capture Card** - El Gato HD60 Pro