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Hi , yeah I'm that FF7 fangirl

Who's your OC ? My OC's name is Red! In Fictional stories, She's a half-demon which are characterized by their red eyes and hair , and she's a monk class with healing abilities . In realistic setting stories, her eyes are green and she's into astronomy. Her hair's natural color is ginger and dyed red, earning her the nickname Red. My avatar's eyes are closed so it could be either of them! Image from :
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Hi , sup. I'm MayRed , your local jerk mod. If you're here you probably know who I am. But If you don't , I'm a girl (she/he/they) from Tunisia, I'm almost 30 and I first played FF7 in 2015 but probably got over 1000 cumulative hours on it now! I play and stream the game every year on my birthday , so around February 20. [Ben](ajneb174) is mine. Cute little arts by [hackwolfin]( [old ass outdated FF7 speedrun notes. unfinished , dont judge me]( Tifa is waifu. That is all.
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Boop me on discord for overlays , pls I'm poor, thanks. or [paypal]( (yes it's Ben's paypal , I use it.) >>> Since it's not on my streamlabs I won't have notifications for it so please notify me if you use it , thank youuuuuu!