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Mazzerin streams osu!.


Speak ENGLISH, don't be an idiot
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FAQ !!!!!!!

Q: WTF you dont plaey osu.... A: IT Is mcOSU ! CooL ! Q: where you are from ? :P A: Lithuania ! :D Q: you are hjow old !? A: me 24 :p Q: play me request ??? ;) A: haha maybe ! if i want =] Q: You are mapper ? xD A: No I pleay osugame

PC Specs

+ Intel Core i5-6600K + be quiet! Shadow Rock LP + MSI Radeon R9 390 + MSI Z170A TOMAHAWK + NZXT Lexa S + DDR4 Crucial 8GB 2133MHz + Corsair RM550x + BenQ XL2411Z


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^ twitch alerts ^ [G4G donation link]( Donations are not required and are non-refundable. if you donate, I will buy Cool Stuff to improve my Stream :) !!! like NEW Webcam ! New Mic ! Heartbeat monitor !!? ! Rihgt now me goale is Micropfoone. =) NOT!!!. Got one. Thanks to speedrunssin for 100, got C920 from that Thanks to such_crai for 5 Thanks to swifta for 2 Thanks to Kurean__ for 2 Thanks to Chrome_Zephyre for 2

Random Information

[Twitter]( [Youtube]( PC may crash randomly for unknown reasons, would restart stream in 5mins~ in that case