Hello, I'm mbrules and I speedrun The legend of Zelda The Minish Cap.

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#**My Times:** ##**The Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap:** + Any%: 1:56:17 (WR is 1:54:38 by toadswoot) - 100%: 4:44:38 (WR is 4:44:38 by me)
#**Other recommended streams**: + [Testrunner](http://twitch.tv/testrunner), Skyward Sword, Super Metroid - [FalcoEagle](http://twitch.tv/falcoeagle), The Minish Cap, Monster Tale, A link to the Past, Pokemon Diamond + [Goronguy](http://twitch.tv/goronguy), Majora's Mask - [Cosmo](http://twitch.tv/cosmowright), The Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time + [Indextic](http://twitch.tv/indextic), The Darkness, F-Zero, Majora's mask + [Gregortixlkyns](http://twitch.tv/gregortixlkyns), Ocarina of Time - [Samura1man](http://twitch.tv/samura1man), Super Mario Sunshine, Twilight Princess + [ilovesmok](http://twitch.tv/ilovesmok), Kirby, The Minish Cap - [ZaeloRae](http://twitch.tv/zaelorae), The Minish Cap, Kirby + [ToadsWoot](http://www.twitch.tv/ToadsWoot), The Minish Cap - [ZFG](http://twitch.tv/zfg1), Majora's Mask, Ocarina Of Time + [ChaosKnight373](http://twitch.tv/chaosknight373), The Minish Cap - [Atroz5](http://http://www.twitch.tv/atroz5), The Minish Cap + [TheWindMask](http://twitch.tv/thewindmask), The Minish Cap
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