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A guy with a funny voice and a habit of nostalgia, Mcmoblin brings a pretty chill and silly vibe to anything. We love to chat, play adventure or fighting games and react to videos. Welcome in!

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Hello, I'm Mcmoblin (CJ) . I'm from NC, USA. I play video games when I get the chance too. I like many different games, but I most likely play RPGs. I like to talk about random gaming topics and say some off-wall random stuff. Linktree: Emotes done by: mudavaye KIMBKR Vicki_be_wicked Overlay done by: StaticGX
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Current Games: - Guilty Gear Strive Upcoming Games: -Elden Ring -Battlefield 2042
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Let's keep it simple 1. Don't be rude to others in chat. 2. Chill with the racist comments. It's not as funny as you think, trust me. 3. Don't be sexist. Not cool. 4. We don't disrespect LGBTQIA+ in here. They are people like you and me. 5. I'm not good at most games, I know this. You don't gotta point it out. I will. 6.Just don't be a dick. Need any help figuring that out, ask me. I can tell you.
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CPU: Intel i7-8700k Quadcore GPU: NVIDIA EVGA 1080 FTW2 8GB RAM:32GB Storage:SAMSUNG SSD 128GB, SanDisk SSD 120GB, Western Digital 1TB Mic:Rode NT-1 Anniversary Edition Mouse: Glorious Model O Keyboard: Corsair K55 Camera: CANON EOS M200


Goals: - To be at Twitchcon - To be able to content create fulltime.


My schedule rotates due to real life things (full-time student/full-time worker) Currently, you'll see me during the weekdays and off weekends. Mon: Stream Day Tues: TBA Wed: Stream Day Thu: TBA Fri: Stream Day Sat: TBA Sun: Stream Day
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I appreciate all donations :) All donos rotate into getting better equipment and games for the stream.