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mechanic/engineer/maker/husband/father but mostly I'm just an old guy who likes to have a laugh!

Quiz Night Winners.

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sat 4th sept- beanzy senior the banhammer/modfather. sat 12th sept- christina mckay. everyones favorite gerwoman! sat 19th sept- bexibeans, with a little help from sweeny debs!

Paypal for donations

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Guys dono's are not required however are gratefully received. hopefully i find a new job soon and i will cover the costs of living/steaming myself (them pesky bills). from then i would like to put dono's straight to charity's. (streamlabs is'nt working for donos so pls let me know if u donate so can personally thank you!)

my stream music

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These awsome talented folks have given me permission to use their music on stream. Sons o' the soil (send in the clowns) Daydream Frenzy (pride and wonder/ocean air) Matty Twigg (wildfire)