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Megan, she/her though they/them is fine too. In need of a new hobby, I've turned to streaming playing retro games. Why not? Current obsession is Zelda Randomizer, particularly the configuration used in a nightly race. Also want to play some hard mario hacks.

Meg Mac Attack

Hey! I'm Megan (or Meg if you like). I play and speedrun some retro games (see the list below for examples). [Twitter](https://twitter.com/_megmac_) [Discord](https://discord.gg/XPQnWDx) [Speedruns](https://speedrun.com/megmacattack)

Subscriptions and Bits

I do this for the love of playing and hanging out with all of you. My day job pays for all my needs and more, but sub perks and bits are a fun thing to do with the stream. But I want revenue from my twitch streaming to go directly towards helping people who need it more than I do. So any revenue from this channel goes towards LGBT-related charities and gofundmes.
Panel Content
Emotes by [Rowan](https://twitter.com/rowanthepanda)

Chat Rules

Be kind to each other and to the streamer. We're here to have fun. Bigotry of any sort will earn a swift ban, so just don't even go there. This includes poking at boundaries to see what you can get away with.