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MELPANIA ( MEL PUH NEE UHH) You can call me Mel, meli, or Melvin. I have been playing video games since I was 4. My first game was Pokémon Crystal on a pink gameboy that I got for my birthday. Video games have always been there for me no matter what I was going through. Height: 5’7 ( 5’8 debatable) Born in Texas (escaped) currently live in Seattle Half Mexican half Canadian Some all time fav games- portal 2, Pokémon sapphire, Age of Mythology I currently play Apex and TFT for the most part. Sometimes I attempt art or music streams. I got a pedal harp last spring and have been on my training arc since. I love birds and have a pet dove and chickens. My doves name is Atlas Streaming has brought me so many friends and fun memorIES. I mostly stream weekends but sometimes I get to a week day stream. I work full time so this is a fun thing I do for socializing and BEING SILLY

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Please note that there is no pressure to support me with subs or donos but I am very grateful to receive it if you do. My donos always go towards things for the stream such as equipment upgrades, games, cosplays, art or music supplies. Donos are non refundable. Thank you so much!!