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Finnish lady doing some gamery stuff!

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Questions and Answers

**Who are you anyway?** I'm Mels, hello! I'm from Finland and am half a stack years old. **What do you stream?** Mostly Minecraft and/or MC Dungeons, but I'm open to suggestions. We might as well just chat sometimes, ya know. Also I've been playing a lot of Dragon Quest IX lately... **Can you play _game x y z_`?** Throw your suggestion in the chat when I'm live and we'll see! :) **When do you stream?** During the week mostly on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (around 5-7 PM UK time) and on weekends any time of the day. Join the Discord to get pinged when I go live!


**Backgrounds** Wallpaper Engine (Steam) **Animations** **Sound effects** **Art** Anything with my own face is done by me!