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Hey ! My name's Meltankos or you can call me Mel for short :) I am 24 , from Canada. I enjoy gaming in my spare time and mostly stream Variety of games, from AAA to indies. Depends on my mood :) Dearly Meltankos.

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Here you can get awesome bundles of games each month/week and sales on their store for donations to good causes and allso helps supporting me in the process!
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1►Don't be a meany piece of poopoo. 2►(Optional but appreciated :3)Chat ! Otherwise I don't know if I have to interact more with yall! D: 3►Follow twitch community guidelines 4►Listen to the moderation team if present and me if we ask you something important. 5►Include everyone and be a big family! Don't leave anyone out of the conversation cmon! 666►Just cause the number was the following one.
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Heyall, so yeah , i'll keep it short , I like games too much (600 library :c) and I live life with the most joy possible if the game I am currently playing is not rage inducing ._. :x Hehe. I am also Canadian and can speak english and french fluently :) I hope you enjoy your time here :3


- Memory : 16GB Ram - GPU : Nvidia GTX 1060 6gb DDR5 Windforce - CPU : AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor 4Ghz - Power Supply : 750W Bronze Note!!!! - Keep in mind that the Schedule might be affected by my real life stuff.
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►[Discord/FFXIV]( ►[Steam](
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Hey guys, this is sorely and purely if you enjoy the stream and wanna support what I am doing [here!]( [DISCLAIMER: Donating DOES NOT mean the streamer will owe you anything. It is simply to help support the streamer in another way.]