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Menno888 streams Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Amnesia: Rebirth.

About Me

Hey everybody, I'm Menno888 and I like to speedrun games such as the Grand Theft Auto and Harry Potter series


**Streamer, where do you come from?** I'm from the Netherlands **Streamer, how old are you?** 27 **Trilogy 100%** 2021, time for me to get a sub 1 day, don't you think? **What are these splits?** 3: Previous run for Trilogy, VC: Unfinished run for the annual race extrapolated to 5:20, SA: Unfinished run for my best attempt extrapolated to a 13:20. This should add up to 24h and leaves some leeway (especially at the end) **Will this WR?** If 3+VC are about 10:40 yes, otherwise I might or might not **How often will you try this?** I hope weekly, but if I can't I hope at least twice a month **I have a question strimmer** Sure, I'll answer, but only if I have some downtime, so be patient pls :) **You finally have a profile picture!** Yep! It was about time, it's from ESAW2020

Other streamers

Order of appearance on the GTA leaderboards + other games: [Eidgod](http://twitch.tv/eidgod) (former GTA 3 any% WR) [Adam_AK](http://twitch.tv/adam_ak) (former GTA 3 any% WR/GTA VC mission% WR) [Misterpost](http://twitch.tv/misterpost) (former GTA 3 100% WR) [PeteThePlayer](http://twitch.tv/mrnojojojo) (former GTA 3 mission% WR, also excellent at Crash Bandicoot) [Guywithalightsaber](http://twitch.tv/guywithalightsaber) [Tdawg](http://twitch.tv/tdawg91) [JustShanz](http://twitch.tv/justshanz) (former GTA VC 100% WR) [Joshimuz](http://twitch.tv/joshimuz) [Lotsofs/S](http://twitch.tv/lotsofs) (former GTA SA 100% WR) [Grathargor](http://twitch.tv/grathargor) (completed GTA SA 100% in 44 hours, nuff said) [Dekap](http://twitch.tv/gamingdekap) (former GTA V any% WR) [Cfox](http://twitch.tv/cfox7) (Donkey Kong 64)