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Twitter @ItsMerge I stream for fun.

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My name is Jack and i am from the UK, i am 20 years old, i play games, and i hate losing, a lot. I am originally a COD player but i also play lots of other games. I am a CXO at Rize Gaming and they are part of the reason i am still streaming to this day! I hope you all enjoy my content.

Humble Bundle

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Check out the Humble Bundle monthy games, not only do you get great value for money but you would be supporting a charity and myself too!


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CPU: i7-8700 (4.3GHz) GPU: Geforce GTX 1070 RAM: 16GB DDR4 2267MHz Mobo: HP 8437 (U3E1) Storage: 2TB Segate Barracude (7200 RPM) SSD: 238GB KXG50ZNV256G TOSHIBA


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Donations are appreciated, but there is literally no reason to do so unless you are insane. Any money donated will go towards improving my stream quality!


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Subscribing helps me improve the stream! You also get cool original emotes and a sexy sub badge, Pog


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[Twitter]( [YouTube]( [Reddit]( PSN: Merge3D2


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