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A variety game streamer looking for lifelong friends and collaborations. My favorite game is Chrono Trigger. If you like the profile picture art please visit the fantastic graphic designer Sabah Nawar IG:@ sabah.noir Twitch Profile Banner is by Sean Foley, Ig: stfeyes, Please give his page a look.

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BIP BAP BAM! Now that I've got your attention, pull up a chair and stay a while. I'm the MetaMango; A freshly minted 27 year old living in good old Pittsburgh PA! Some of my hobbies include anime, video games, and anything science fiction. Currently MetaMango is involved in social work helping people during the day and an amateur video game historian by night. Stop by in the evening for wholesome video-game streams, conversation about awesome sci-fi , and shenanigans. Favorite Video Games: Chrono Trigger Halo 1 Hyper Light Drifter DOOM Eternal Anything Megaman
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No spamming, no racism, no harassment No advertising (without my permission). No spoilers (for blind runs). Don't be a cruel. Respect the mods. *Treat others how you want to be treated. *No racism, homophobia, sexual harassment, or anything of the kind. *No backseat gaming please.(Unless I ask for help or you are helping) *Do not promote yourself in chat unless you have my permission. *Do not spoil games, movies, or current media for me or others in the chat. *Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!
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Google email - Twitter -@meta_mango Youtube - Facebook - Meta Mango Instagram - Meta.Mango Discord - Metamango#0367

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Feel free to donate at either of these links. If you like the channel please feel free to contribute and I will use those funds to make the stream better with more content and 1000% more rainbow explosions. I appreciate any and all Donations but please take care of yourself first. I do not provide refunds on donations through PayPal or any other service.