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VISIT MY WEBSITE FOR PLAY DIARIES AND STUFF: [ThaaoNET]( [Amazon Wish List]( **[Twitter]( - [Discord]( - [YouTube](** [Mustache Ride: Rainbow Edition]( Follow my friends! [Vanille]( - [Spectre]( - [Ooni]( - [Iznib]( - [Venti]( - [Kittie]( - [Iznib](
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~4PM EDT - ~7PM EDT Favorite Series: * SaGa * Harvest Moon * Mega Man * Tokimeki Memorial CHAT RULES: * No hate speech, slurs, etc. * No spoilers for anything ever * No backseat gaming/hints/etc unless I ask
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!mustache - Find someone to ogle !uptime - View current uptime !sounds - See sound categories Southern Daddy Sounds: !easy !finally !fine !lost !shame !still !strong !sugarplum !watch Scottish Daddy Sounds: !fuh !join !laugh !pitiful !pray !showed !showtime !warm Fuzzy Sounds: !augh !close !doing !dont !fish !illbe !ohmy !rather !stop !timeup !what !who !wow Metal Heroes Sounds: !banzai !geeky !good !handsome !kid !popsicle Other obnoxious sounds: !defense !disappointed