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PlayStation Platinum chaser. Join me on my journey to collect them all. 61951.

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Hi, I'm **Gsus**, welcome to my public space! I'm a husband and a dad in my mid 30s, Messycan, and reside in beautiful SoCal. Enjoy your stay! > ***Se Habla Español.***
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I broadcast from **Console** @ **720ᴘ60ғᴘs**. + PlayStation 5 Console + PS Cam + Ring Lights + Sceptre 1080ᴘ LED Monitors + Pulse 3D Wireless Headset Simple setup, but gets the job done. > *Stream feedback is greatly appreciated.*
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❗ Keep it clean Twitchers ❗ ❌ Politics / Hate / F4F / L4L ✔️ Super Duper Chill VibeZ > ***Stream / Chat = English & Español.***