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Mezz and Calla streaming primarily Dead By Daylight with some other games sprinkled in between!, sometimes you'll see Calla as a survivor, sometimes you'll see Mezz as a killer, and if your extra lucky.. You will see both of us!

MC Crew

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If you enjoy the stream, we would love if you considered joined the MC Crew and subbed to the stream! Benefits of subbing; - 5 unique and custom emotes of Diego the kitty - Ad free viewing - Free Dixper packs! If you have Twitch Prime, you can get a free sub each month! Lil Kitty Diego gets really excited when people choose to use theirs here!

About Us!

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Welcome on in! We are Kieran and Calla, also known as Mezz and Cai. We are a streaming couple from the UK, we love to play a variety of games like DBD, Minecraft, OSRS, Phasmophobia and lots more and we find it so much more fun when you guys get to play along with us! If you spend time here you will mostly see some classic Dead By Daylight content as thats what we love streaming the most! We hope you enjoy your time here and can't wait to know you all ♡


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Want to troll us on stream? Click the picture and see what damage you can do!


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Come along to chat, laugh and have some fun! This is a safe space for us all to get to know each other more ♡

Chat Rules

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♡ Here, we do not accept discrimination of any kind, no hate speech ♡ No self-promotion unless we have allowed it ♡ Please speak in English so we can understand what you are saying


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If you would like to help support our stream, please consider donating! All proceeds made will be going directly into improving the quality of the stream and gameplay. If you do donate, please be aware that this is non-refundable, so only do so if you're 100% happy to support ♡


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If you want to keep up with the latest MC news, come and give our Instagram a follow ♡

Who does my artwork?

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All my artwork has been done by the lovely and amazing James! Go check out his work!

Mezz&Cai's Wishlist

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If you would like to gift something to me and Mezz, you can check out our Amazon Wishlist You do not need to gift us anything, although of course we would be incredibly grateful. Anything bought for us will be non-refundable, so please only do this if you are 100% happy to do so. ♡