I mainly stream Metal Gear Solid speedruns. I might casually play other random games.

Hi! I'm Slade

Welcome to my channel. Here, you'll mainly see me speedrunning Metal Gear Solid games. ***** #Metal Gear Solid 1 All my runs are done on PSone. They are Big Boss rank and single segment (no save). ###US version: - All bosses: [1:38:55](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGufx4FRPYg) < *this is my best run by far, if you watch one, watch this one* - Large skips: [1:07:56](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjzdUGsDC-I) ###Integral version (alternate round): - All bosses: [1:38:00](http://www.twitch.tv/mgslade/c/3775628) - Large skips: [1:06:14](http://www.twitch.tv/mgslade/c/4084846) ###Live runs - SGDQ 2013 (US version, all bosses): [link](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDoERqgX4i4). - AGDQ 2014 (US version, large skips): [link](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVOi0yob5yo) - Stunfest 2014 (Integral version, large skips): [link](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05RVJ2IwW4k) ###SDA run I also have a run on Speed Demos Archive of the PAL (French) version: [1:59:46](http://speeddemosarchive.com/MetalGearSolid.html#SS_eu_extreme) ***** #Metal Gear Solid 2 I also speedrun MGS2, not very well though. ###HD Collection Big Boss rank, no saves, NG++, with loading trick: [1:32:55](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtedsqJ1LI0) Big Boss rank, no saves, NG++, no loading trick: [1:36:29](https://www.twitch.tv/mgslade/v/78238693) ###Live run - Stunfest 2015 (NG++, no loading trick): [link](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GSTF6Kh1-s) ***** #Metal Gear Solid 3 Nothing yet. I've started practice for this game. You will see more of it soon.


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#What's the world record? I don't know. I don't care. Stop asking. Go watch these runs instead: [by Anon](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCnh66IO9DjkbRpRTzKesL-nH3hWvNt_E) & [by Kiku](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAF82972D76CA38F7) #What version are you playing? I play the HD Collection, PS3 PAL version, unpatched. All my runs are done on European Extreme difficulty. I play on a fat PS3, with a DualShock 3 (no turbo controller). #Why the unpatched version? The 1.03 patch causes longer loading times for MGS2 (not for MGS3). #What's NG++? NG++ stands for New Game ++. When you finish a run, you can save and start a new one from this save. The second round would be NG+ and the third NG++. In all loaded runs, you can skip the Stillman cutscenes, which saves ~2 minutes, and Ames position in the hostage room is randomized. In NG+, the bomb positions in strut D is different, which makes the room slower. The bomb position is the regular one in NG++. This make NG++ the fastest round in the game. Also it gives sunglasses to Snake and Raiden. #What's the loading trick? If you play through a segment once then kill yourself to return to the main menu, the loading times will be faster the next times you'll play through the segment. You have to go back to the menu through the Continue/Exit screen, it won't work if you restart the game or use the L/R/1/2 + start + select shortcut. For a single segment run, it won't work for the full game, only up to the sniper sequence (maybe a bit farther, I'm not sure yet). This trick can save several minutes on a run (~8 minutes for a multi segment run and ~4 minutes for a single segment run). #What are the Tengu skips? Both tengu fights at the end of the game are very long in European Extreme. Thankfully, both have glitches that allow to shorten them. In the first fight, the door glitch allows to trigger the next area: press against the door, go in first person view and do a punch-punch-kick combo. When Raiden faces the door, exit the first person view and it pushes him slightly inside the door, hitting the trigger for the next area. In the second fight, we use a trick found by a notorious cheater. It's a bit hard to explain but you need to choke a guard in a specific way and it will end the fight early. #How do you do the ladder glitch in Hold 1? Equip the camera and immediately press triangle to grab the ladder. You can do one or two punches before to make it easier. If you see the camera equipped briefly, that means the glitch worked. Hold left until you see Snake hanging in the air, release left, press X. At the end of Snake's animation, hold up and press triangle, Snake will make the ladder exit animation in the air and drop down.


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#What versions are you playing? I play the US and the Integral (japanese re-release) versions. All my runs are done on Extreme difficulty. I play both versions on PSone, with a DualShock 2 and a DualShock 1 for Mantis (no turbo controller). I do 2 different runs: All bosses and large skips. #Large skips? There are 3 glitches I use to skip major sections of the game. Entering the Torture room as soon as reaching the Cell, skipping the Hind fight and skipping Wolf 2. #How do you get to the Torture room so early? You need to use the crawling space near the ladder leading to the Darpa chief cell. Get Snake's legs in the crawling space so that you cannot stand up. Then look up, and as soon as you release Triangle and Up, press X to stand up, it will push you through the wall. It's actually very easy to do once you get the hang of it. That skips Ocelot, the Tank, the Ninja, Psycho Mantis and Wolf 1. #What's the weapon glitch? When Snake is damaged when laying down, if you unselect your item immediately after taking damage (or use a ration) and if go into first person view at that moment, the camera will have a weird angle. Now if you press a button at a specific frame (at least I think it's how it works), you activate the glitch. To make it easier, you can press several button and turn the stick as fast as you can. (To summarize: lay down, take damage, unselect item (L1), go in fpv and mash buttons.) You know the glitch worked if Snake keeps his weapon even if you equip another one. For example, if you equipped the Chaff grenades before doing the glitch and you equip the Socom, Snake will still be throwing Chaffs. This is used to skip the Hind and Wolf 2. #You skip the Hind fight? How do you do that? This one is a bit complicated. To skip the Hind, go down the bottom of Tower B and see the broken stairs cutscene, get back up but don't activate the Otacon cutscene. Equip a Chaff, do the weapon glitch, equip the Stinger, press and hold Square and you will take damage. That will erase the Stinger from your inventory (that works only if the Stinger has 0 ammo). Run up the tower, the Otacon cutscene doesn't activate and the boxes are removed (and invisible). Get to the Hind fight area, but don't trigger the fight, immediately leave down the ladder. Go down the stairs, the boxes will be back. Now you can get on those boxes with the right setup (unequip your weapon, it seems impossible to do with one equipped). Once on the boxes head left and you will fall down to ground level and be able to exit the tower. #How do you skip Wolf in the Snowfield? During the fight, perform the weapon glitch (see Hind skip above), with any weapon. Once it's activated, equip the PSG-1 and run toward Wolf. It will trigger the end of fight cutscene. This is possible because equipping the PSG-1 deactivates the automatic damage you take if you cross a certain line. #Why can't you pick up those weapons? They are actually picked up, even if they stay on the ground they are added to your inventory. After glitching into the torture room, you can't use certain weapons, that's because the game checks for bosses life upgrade to calculate the max ammo count. If the life upgrades are unsufficient, the max is 0. You can get life upgrades from entering the bosses room, but you can't have the Wolf one, so you won't be able to use the stinger and defeat the Hind. That's why you have to skip this fight if you want to finish the game. #Any other glitches? There's an invincibility glitch that's fun to play around with. Go into a crawling space where the camera switches to first person view (in a vent, under a desk, ...). Now when you exit, you need to equip the scope just as the camera exits fpv mode. To make it easier, you can hold up to crawl out and mash L1 to quickly equip/unequip the scope. If you do it right, the animation where Snake crawls out and you lose control of him for a second will be skipped and you will be invincible to most attacks. #How did you find these glitches? Most of them were found by [Magnum66 (aka Exisidis2)](http:///twitch.tv/exisidis2) and [TheThrillness](http://twitch.tv/thethrillness), with a little help from me. The way to find glitches like that is to try everything you can think of, and be lucky. For example, the weapon glitch was done once by accident while messing around in the Comm Twr B, it then took us several weeks to replicate it, understand how it works, optimize it and finally find applications for it (Wolf 2 skip, then Hind skip).


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#Why do you hate MGS3? I love MGS3 I love MGS3 I love MGS3 I love MGS3 I love MGS3 I love MGS3 I love MGS3 I love MGS3 I love MGS3 I love MGS3
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My Youtube channel is kinda empty right now. I'll add new videos from time to time. Yeah, not really.