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Welcome to the Midnight Hour. I'm Midnight and I will be your host. You will find out that I'm a lovable nerd. I crack jokes, I like to have fun. I don't have any one game that I could play for hours cause attention span problems. So I guess you can call me a variety streamer!

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Look at me. I stream now! A badass, rebel streamer. Okay nah, I'm just Midnight! And welcome to the Midnight hour! I'm a (almost) 30 year old Florida native. Born and raised in south florida and still here for some unknown reason. I got a wife and two furry cat children who drive me nuts. You might hear them crashing things about. Or my wife in the background with her backseat commentary, but that's what family is for! I'm already a part of an incredible community of people. Highly inclusive, very welcoming and deeply caring for one another. As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I'm passionate about helping and advising in any way I can. Spread love, not hate. And be the change you want to see in the world.
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I don't have any one game that I could play for hours. Honestly I have a very short attention span, its a problem. So I jump around and play several different styles of games. So you never quite know what I'll be playing when I hit that live button. I also don't have a set schedule. I mod for several amazing channels on Twitch and I like to keep my services in check before pursuing my own stream. Call me the White Rabbit on Twitch, catch me if you can!
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Music Free from Aim to the Head. Listen to their Spotify here @ [Aim to the Head](https://spoti.fi/3Ded7Ga)