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Heyyoo I'm **Mielothe** !! You can call me **Miel** or **Mav** :D I'm a background and concept artist working for animation and video games from the baguette mainland ! I'm streaming art, usually some backgrounds, characters, and sometimes some animations since I really enjoy doing short films (even tho you'll mostly hear me complain about animation most of the time uh) I'm a **big weeb**, so feel free to to ask me anything about japanese animation or mangas !
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• Please don't be a dicc. No hateful speech against anyone here, please show respect for eachother. • Avoid sharing any personal information about yourself or anyone. • Please ask me before sending a link ! • Avoid notifying me of the viewer count • I speak French and English, but please try to keep chat in English so everyone can understand each other ! • Be nice !