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An esport league and community exclusively for United States Military and Veterans.

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Military Gaming League is an esport league and gaming community exclusively for members of the United States Armed Forces and it's veterans. We are dedicated helping our members become whatever it is they want to be in the gaming world whether it be honing their competitive skills in our tournaments, becoming affiliated / partnered with Twitch via our stream shout outs and spotlights, or even just casual gaming with fellow service-members and veterans. We appreciate your support, and want you to know that your support directly influences the community in the best possible way. MGL is NOT affiliated with any U.S. federal entity to include but not limited to: the Department of Defense, or any branch of the United States Armed Forces. Anything you hear on stream are our own views.
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If you are current United States military, a veteran, or know someone who is either, and you would like to join us, click on the the "Join Us" image above to register for Military Gaming League!
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1. Support our military gamers! 2. If you don't understand the military lingo then stick around, you'll pick it up. 3. Have fun! You're gonna hear a lot of trash talk between branches. 4. NO HATE SPEECH. Hate Speech is defined as an attack on someone's race, religion, ethnic origin, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Instant Article 15.