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Peer reviewed internet car crash

The Schedule™

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A lot of people ask me when I stream so hey heres a rough breakdown of when you can expect me to invade your home

The 411

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Play nice with one another and don't be spammy, other than that have fun. Obviously general Twitch rules apply here If you're doing stuff that makes others uncomfortable that counts as not playing nice. I'm pretty lax on a lot of things but try to keep it nice and friendly around here, cursed content is not only fine but encouraged. ALRIGHT SO I HAVE TO ADD THIS NOW, Don't be excessively NSFW we all like a funny joke here and there but come on.


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I don't know why you'd ever want to do this but here's the donation button. I promise you that every donation I get will go toward making me either A) Live or B) Stream better ALSO LEGAL STUFF BUT THESE AREN'T REFUNDABLE PLEASE DON'T GIVE ME YOUR LAST DOLLAR

The Discord!

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Competitive Screaming, I hang out in here a lot and I can't shut up

For all that "business inquiry" stuff