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!1 Suoer Jenn, !2 Holy Wisdom !3 Life Potion, !4 Potato, !5 Let's Go, !6 Hello, !7 Sakura, !8 Cats, !9 Crowd, !10 Justin, !11 Rain, !12 Snow, !13 Direct, !14 Confetti, !15 Bruh, !16 Thumbs Up, !17 Po, !18 Minecraft Fail, !19 Penguin, !20 Yukat

I'm a Youtuber

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Do you like seeing more fun with less waiting and more beautiful art? Then you need to check this out. The boring parts are edited out so you can watch the fun parts that took me a few hours to complete in just a few minutes.


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If you are feeling particularly generous today stop by the Donation Station and leave me some rupees to buy more tunics... And coffee.