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LGBTQIA+ Rights Hi! I'm Milpy. My pronouns are he/him. Welcome to my stream. I stream fighting games, sometimes other stuff, but mostly fighting games. Below are some links to my other stuff! + [carrd]( + [Discord]( + [YouTube]( + [Twitter]( + [Milpycord]( + [Milpy Reference Sheet]( + [Patreon]( + [Business Inquiries](
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## PC Specs: ## + **Monitors**: LG 32GK650G-B 32 (1440p, 144Hz, G-Sync) LG 32GK650F-B 32" (1440p, 144Hz, FreeSync) + **Mobo**: ASRock Fatal1ty AB350 ITX + **CPU**: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 @ 3.0GHZ (not OC'd yet) + **CPU Cooler**: Stock Wraith Spire + **RAM**: 16GB Patriot Viper 4 @3200MHz + **GPU**: EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 Super SC Ultra + **PSU**: Silverstone SX500-LG + **Storage**: Samsung 980 NMVe (1TB), Samsung 870 QVO (2TB), Crucial MX500 (250GB), Two random HDDs (1TB & 2TB). + **Case**: Fractal Design Define Nano S (no window) ## Peripherals/Other ## + **Mouse**: Logitech G703 + **Keyboard**: [Varmilo VA87M Sakura]( w/ Cherry MX Blue Switches + **Headphones**: Sennheiser HD559 (thanks erin ily4evr) + **Microphone**: AT2020 + Behringer Q802USB + **Camera**: Sony α6000 w/ stock 16-50mm lens + **Controllers**: + **Primary Controller** [Snack Box Micro]( [(Pink Artwork Case w/ Trans Flag Convex Buttons & Kailh Choc White Switches)]( **Other Controllers**: + [Pink]( [MPress]( ([Clear Sparkle Buttons]( w/ Cherry MX Blue Switches) + [Custom Hitbox]( (case by [ABSticks]( + HRAP V3 SA Kai Amazon JP Ver. + Qanba Crystal w/ Sanwa JLF & Seimitsu Buttons (Destroyed) + **Capture Cards**: + Elgato HD60 S + Elgato Cam Link 4K + **Splitter**: ViewHD 1X2MN3D + **Platforms I Stream On**: PC (Primary), PS4, Switch (mnario)
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If you really wanna support the stream with more than just a sub or bits, you can [click on Milpy]( to donate directly! It's not really necessary, though!! I also have a [Patreon]( if you want to directly support me!
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art not by me credit to the artist :) + [*mai]( milpyDance, milpyBrow, milpyNails, aegisJams, Kensive, hisomiSip, SmugShab + [akisaki]( Milpy's design sheet, Snack Box Micro Art, milpyNodders + [Chou]( AegisMoney, DjeetaTime, MilpyTime, LizMoneyDump, ShabTime, Vibegis + [chromu]( milpyLove, milpyWeird, milpySob, Nervousshab, Shroom, Surprigis, Lizthink, + [jude]( PrettyMilpy + [MoustachedVillain]( Kanji follower emote + [Nyrator]( Milpy model + [Lerilith]( chaosUwU + [Mentha]( milpyY, Twitch background + [Mino]( milpySheesh + [Olive-Bot]( Kami + [StalkerAlker]( narmoLOL + [StarCatWitch]( milpyDrink, milpyEyes, milpyJam, milplead, milpyRights, milpyZoom + [Teniichi]( milpyStare Miscellaneous Recurring Stream Stuff: + [ChewMyGoo]( Bonk Edits + [Farp]( [StreamControl]( + [cerebro]( Milpy & Ashe Screen + [Cin]( MilpyTrue! + [Vine 1234]( Milpy P4U Splash Screen

Singleplayer Games Played on Stream

**Totsugeki 64 (80 Stars):** 08/05/22 - 08/20/22 **Ape Escape:** 08/23/22 - 10/01/22 **Hitman: Blood Money** 10/12/22 -