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こん一は、私の美しい奴隷達!❤SEISO です。A Neko Queen EN/日本語Vsinger that had a deal with humanity to serve the community in exchange of special treatment for pet cats. She will serve humanity with videos meow~ ❤

About Me

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- Name is Takayama Minami. - A Neko Queen Vsinger! - Guardian of the Underworld - Has a lot of pets - Accepting headpats~


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The Neko Queen will be glad for you to have something to remember her by! It is the people like you who always made me feel welcome. As your dearest Neko Queen, I stand by my promise to offer a range of content/products that continue to please my Beautiful Slaves. Your help makes all this possible. Arigatou! <3


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- No bullying and no racism! - No toxicity - Please be nice and respectful to everyone - Please keep the chat mostly in English! - Most importantly, love and protect cats!


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I would like to thank my supportive friends that helped me to get here! Few of them are as follows: -CindryTuna for the Headpat Gif - My arts by AiriLunaris, x_nekorii_x, Janiwhoops and TheDestinies - Special Thanks to Neko Teahouse Community and my Beautiful Slaves that supports me :D


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- I appreciate for you to drop by! But if ever that you're interested in tipping/donating, it would be amazing! - All the support will be invested into better streaming equipment so I can make better videos! - Just a note that tips and donations are non-refundable so please make sure you would be fully willing to! - Arigatou <3


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