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Now based in Japan, Hawaii's mint choco labbo is ready to vibe internationally. I play all kinds of games uwu Some games I like: Zelda, Megaman, To the Moon Series, and many more! Note: I have the right to say no to friend/collab requests, it's nothing personal.


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Just some rules, I try to keep it simple but will add if needed. -Be mindful of others -Only platonic feelings here -You can poke fun at me, but don't cross the line by being distasteful -I don't mind backseat gaming if I ask for help uwu" -Please do not use my IRL name -If possible just call me Rabbo so it doesn't confuse others -Do not doxx me or others -Try to keep topics like politics, religion, and other possible controversial topics out of my channel because I want this to be an outlet where we can take a break from that (Perhaps we can talk about it in my discord) -If I say to drop a topic, stop talking about it and move on -If there's issues with joining my discord server, just let me know -Keep in mind, I have the right to say no. If I say no to your friend request/collab request, it's nothing personal. -Don't just randomly join me in a game without letting me know. -Ask before posting links into my chat -Promos are okay if I allow it (don't be that person >>" it's cringe bruh) Got it? Great, let's just vibe :3

The Lore

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My name is Rabbo the mint choco labbo. I’m about 4 years old in dog years. I live in Japan, was from Hawaii. I work as a full-time teacher doggo. I usually get home around 5:00pm Japan time. I don’t smoke, I occasionally drink. I’m usually in bed at 11pm at the latest.I try to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep, no matter what. After having a warm glass of milk, I usually have no problem falling asleep. Just like a pupper, I wake up without any fatigue or stress in the morning. I was told there were no issues at my last check-up. I’m trying to explain that I’m a doggo who wishes to live a full life making others happy. I take care not to trouble myself with enemies, like winning and losing, that would cause me to lose sleep at night. That is how I deal with society, and I know what brings me happiness.*Yes, this was a Jojo reference* -I bark at mailmen (the mean ones, the nice ones give me headpats uwu so I don't bark). -I mainly stream just to spread joy, if I can make you laugh and make your day a little brighter I am content uwu I did a good on stream -You've gotten down on all fours and ran down a speeding rhino -Suplexed an actual blue whale while in the ocean -Could have an elephant in a headlock no difficulty -has got covered in ants twice, so I’m not fond of ants -PTSD from flying cockroaches -I wake up at 5am everyday for work and finish work at 5pm -I punch the air to protect the home dawgs sleep -Started streaming 7/9/2022 -Model made by me through VRoid Studio (First 3D model I ever made) -Streaming through OBS (learning a lot on the way uwu) *More will be added along the way*

Donate Bones Here uwu

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Like what I do and wanna throw some spare bones my way? Donate here :3 Thank you home dawg uwu Please do not feel obligated to do so . v ." I will be okay. If any spare bones come in, I wanna use it for games you want me to play and or use it towards improving the stream uwu Note: Please don't ask for a refund as a joke, that's not cool. (I heard this happens, like why?)