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Gothic girl in a normal world!

About Minxxie

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Recovering from major medical issues and wanting to tell/warn people of what I went through to help others avoid the same pain.


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Donation Goals: All donations will go towards us paying off our house for my family. All donations are appreciated and I thank those of you who donate. Can't donate? That's okay too! Just send us a follow and pop in every now and again, that's just as good.


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1.) No bad mouthing others in chat (or in general) 2.) If you are asked to stop spamming, please respect that 3.) Try to keep the crude attitude out as much as possible. I do have family members that watch every now and then. 4.) Please do not ask for me to add you on systems/join my games! 5.) If you are feeling ignored, please give me a moment. I am playing a game and talking, it takes me a minute to respond. If you say something that has nothing to do with what's happening, I may not acknowledge you. If you have problem with that, please leave. I will not take someone being rude. You will be banned in a heart beat. Only positive chat here. Other than that, have a great time and leave a comment/ ask questions. It's what I am here for. Thank You!

Be Careful!

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I am not the only one allowed to ban on my channel. Phantom_Cards also has permission to ban people if I ask or he sees fit. If you follow my rules, you won't get banned. Sometimes I don't see everything in chat, so if someone says something to you or just in chat in general, private message me or Phantom. We will take care of it. To add to this, WE WILL REPORT YOU! I have absolutely no problem with reporting you to twitch support and having your account terminated. I have done it multiple times before now and I have 0 fears on doing it again. This also goes for if you hurt someone or myself in chat. Positivity is the key. Everyone has enough negativity around them and I will not allow it here. Banning will happen if you can't follow this main rule. That definitely goes for trolling.


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What donations will be going towards: -Paying off our house -New parts for my pc -Taking care of our daughter If you would like to help me reach my dream of being a full time streamer, please follow. If you would like to donate, that's great too! Just click [here]( and you can leave a message with your donation so I know who you are!

Streaming Friends

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I have a few friends that also stream. Please share the support and give them a go!(I do not have a list of what they play, please go see their channels to see/ask them) - [Llokor]( - [SoulinKrieger]( - [Phantom_Cards](

Games I Play

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- Dead By Daylight - Stardew Valley - Don't Starve Together - Overwatch - We Happy Few - Apex Legends - The Forest - Phasmophobia